Simulation and the Super Bowl

ImageFor those watching the Super Bowl today think of the amount of Simulation and deliberate practice that goes into the preparation of such a game. For those of you who are not fans of American Gridiron Football, embark on a metaphoric link to your favorite professional sport to fully enjoy this brief post.

As individuals, the craft is practiced time and time again from simple throws of the football, to more complex things such as simulated field goal attempts. Do you really think Peyton Manning needs to perform deliberate practice for accuracy with throwing the football? He does, and he is probably right. In fact he probably does it enough to make Ericsson proud.

In practice sessions team training begins when the offense plays against the defense to simulate plays. I suppose you can say they take on the role of SP’s (Standardized People). ImagePlays are tested and debriefed by facilitators (coaches)….. I wonder what the safe learning environment is for NFL players preparing for such a game. J

But seriously, the amount of individual as well as team practice in both psychomotor skills as well as team based skills and communications training is incredible. Rehearsal, practice, debrief, time and time again until fatigued, emotionally and mentally, is a staggering effort. All to win a game.

I wonder why we don’t do the same in healthcare.

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